Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Tick tock...tick tock UGH!

So here we are 8 day post insemination and I am going frickin nuts!  I know the reality of the situation is that it may not have worked.  In fact on average it takes 3 attempts.  But still.  I am ready to be a father. This is not just about having a cut little baby to cuddle and play with, but about this drive in me to participate in shaping the future.  I want to be a part of building society into whatever t is supposed to be.  This need in me to teach guide,worry about, nurture and love a new person as they grow into an adult.  Whatever adult they are meant to be.  Tony and Megan are sure that we’re pregnant.  I want to be sure, but I’m not.  Only time will tell, I just wish time didn’t take so much time!!!  Maybe I should be enjoying these last few days of NOT knowing.  I mean once the two lines show up this all changes into something new.  If I think this is rough, imagine what I am going to be like for the next nine months!  When I know for sure that our little baby is coming I have a feeling that is when the real waiting and worrying occurs.  I should be more patient.  I mean after all I have waited this long... but I have never been very good at waiting. It’s just that the last several years I have tried to figure out what I was going to do.  And for the first time I have never felt more sure abut anything in my life.  I am surrounded by love.  I have amazing friends, an unstoppable family, and a man that loves me fiercely for who I am, maybe even despite who I am.  This is the next big thing.  I really feel that I have been preparing for this role for a long time.  I feel.... ready.  Ready to step pass on the love that my mother showed me, to teach someone how to be a person of good character like my mother showed me. Now if mother nature would just fall in line!


  1. I know the waiting is VERY hard-but just think of it as a test. Parenting requires ALOT of patience and this is just your first job as a parent! It is kind of like waiting to open your Christmas presents when you are little. It will be SO worth it when the time comes!!!

  2. Patience, patience, patience... Soon you'll be changing diapers and juggling formula and cooing with the rest of us. It'll happen sooner than you realize. :)

  3. A big thank you to both of you!