Thursday, February 3, 2011

Grandma takes Tokyo!

So I am a little nervous, actually terrified beyond belief is more like it.  My mother, who is amazing, is going to be some sort of Godzilla/Grandmother cross breed when this baby comes.  I am pretty sure my mom gave up the idea that I would ever bless her with a grandchild that has my sparkling smile, amazing wit, and charming personality.  I remember the look on her face the day I told her I was gay, I could almost literally see her vision of being surrounded by genetically superior super babies shattered as I said the words I’m gay.  So fast forward 18…. I mean 8 years…yeah lets go with 8 years, anyways the day I told her that Tony and I were going to have a baby I swear her eyes glassed over and just a tiny bit of drool leaked out onto her chin.  I fully expected her to growl out “I want the baby” and in that moment the next Super Grandma was born.  I think my mother is more excited than we are that we are going to be taking this journey.  We love that.  We are so blessed to have amazing people surrounding us and getting ready to love this baby.  Tony jokes that we may have to build a higher fence around the house to keep out the Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, cousins, and friends once this baby gets here.   I can’t wait.  And as an added blessing we met with Megan’s mother this past weekend and she is excited and supportive and cannot wait to be Grammy to this baby.  My heart is beyond full. 

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