Monday, February 7, 2011

Super Bowl Sunday...yay

So yesterday was SUPER BOWL SUNDAY!  YAY….I hate football.  Tony loves football.  We received an invitation to a super bowl fiesta at our FABULOUS friends’ house.  Now I love these boys and anytime I get to hang with them I am down, however I was secretly hoping that Tony would have to work and I would not have to endure watching football.  Normally I never hope Tony has to work overtime, but yesterday I found myself praying he would be called in and I would be off the hook.  When the call never came in I went to my fall back plan and began praying for a fever, sore throat, ear ache, or even a hangnail!  Nothing.  God hates me.  So I decided to make the best of it and off to the Super bowl party we went….yay.  I have never in my whole life watched a Super Bowl.  The closest I have come was watching the infamous half time show where Her Royal Highness, the Queen of Everything, Janet Jackson had her unfortunate wardrobe issue.  And even then I was out of the room the SECOND that show was over.  So as we sat down to watch “the big game” I said to myself “Self, this won’t be so bad.  Your husband endures lots of the things you like.  This is what being a good partner is all about.  Besides, I hear the commercials are awesome”  So I put on my game face and even joined in a few hoots and howls… for the first quarter, set, match, or whatever it’s called.  As the boredom set in I looked around at all of the guys, with their glazed over eyes and intense looks on their faces, and thought “WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?!?  WE ARE GAAAAY FOR PETE’S SAKE!  By definition we don’t have to do this!”  FINALLY I noticed that there was only 10 minutes left in the game and my mood dramatically improved… and then I learned that in football land 10 minutes translates to 500 hours!  AND WORSE the commercials were lame!  The only one I liked was the little kid in the Darth Vader costume who thought he started his dad’s car with the force.  As the game was FINALLY ending I started to plan my excuses for all future sporting events.  Then I realized… I’m going to be a father!  It is highly likely that our child will like sports and want to play sports!  WHAT AM I GOING TO DOOOOOO?!?  LOL.


  1. I'm with you, Mike. I can't stand football. Fortunately, my entire family is equally bored with football and the Super Bowl. We ended up watching the "Puppy Bowl" on Animal Planet, which is about as footbally as we get.

    Regarding your own child's games, it's a lot more fun to watch sports when your own kid is involved than anything on TV. Trust me...

  2. I LOVE PUPPY BOWL!!! LOL. Honestly I cannot wait to cheer in the stands for whatever ball thingy he/she/or they are chasing after. Thankfully I will have Tony to tell me what's going on. HEE HEE.

  3. Mikee- you will LOVE every minute of it! I hate watching sports, but the minute on of my children are out there playing (pardon the pun) it is a whole new ball game! I am so happy for you and Tony!!!