Monday, February 14, 2011


I am so excited I could just PUKE!  Megan’s ovulation predictor shows a positive LH surge today which means that we go in tomorrow for insemination!!!  All three of us are incredibly emotional and excited as we get ready to start this incredible journey together.  And how perfect that it is Valentine’s Day?  I cannot even imagine a more perfect day!  This child will be created in an environment surrounded by love, hope, and joy.  When the clinic called Megan to tell her what our appointment times were I almost passed out.  These could be THOSE moments, those memories that Tony and I will share when we have a screaming baby and we’re covered in puke, or poop, or both. 

I love you so much Tony and I cannot wait to have this baby with you, to increase our family.  I cannot wait to see this little person curled up in your arms as you watch him or her sleep.  To watch as this baby becomes an amazing adult because he or she will have the benefit of your strength, love, and guidance.  I hope he or she has your amazing capacity for love and compassion. 

And Megan, I love you.  I have never ever connected with someone that knows all the same stupid movie quotes or that I could laugh so hard with over the silliest things.  I am completely humbled by this gift and grateful that this baby will be part of you.  This kid will be AMAZING because of you!

I have fantasized and dreamed of this time my whole life, never thinking it could actually happen.  WOW…

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