Monday, February 7, 2011


Can I gush for a minute?  So mornings are by far my least favorite time of the day, I absolutely cannot stand getting out of bed.  Tony makes it so much harder because as I press the snooze button, he pulls me back into his arms, hugs me tight, and whispers against the back of my neck “I love you so much”.  I KNOW right?!?  Normally I need a personal assistant to help me to get out the door with all of my crap.  I inevitably have to return to the house to get whatever item I left behind in my mad dash out the door.  When Tony is not working he fills the position as assistant beautifully, and this morning as I came crashing down the stairs and out the door, I realize I have left things behind, but oh no my wonderful husband has a cup of coffee and all of my stuff neatly ready for me and in the car.  I love this man.  I have been in love before, but never with any sense of permanence.  It was always “I love you (while silently adding for now)”.   But this man… he is just beyond incredible.  I am so excited to be having this baby with him.  My heart swells when I realize what an amazing Papa he is going to be for our little one.  I know that this baby will always have someone looking out for them, protecting them, and loving them with his whole heart.  As I drove away I allowed myself to fantasize about what it’s going to be like the first time our little girl comes home with a broken heart (Secretly of course I hope that our kid chooses to find fulfillment in their education, forgoing romantic entanglements until they have single handedly solved all of the worlds problems) and Tony takes her into his arms and tells her how much he loves her and comforts her broken heart.  He worries that he will not be good at comforting; he fears he won’t know what to say to make it all better.  I, on the other hand, have no fears about this.  I know he will be amazing at it because he restores my sanity and heals my heart every day. 


  1. Sorry but I am totally LAUGHING out loud at this post. Imagine doing all that to get out the door, and throw a giant fly in the ointment called a toddler, who, on a regular basis, will decide today she is not going to take off her pajamas or that no, we are not going to do hair even if it looks kind of troll dollish this morning. Good luck getting ANYWHERE on time!

  2. LOL Bobby! I know I am going to TOTALLY have to give up my need to be on time or early, aren't I? Thanks for the reality check! : )