Wednesday, November 30, 2011

39 weeks 3 days

Still waiting!  Tony and I are keeping ourselves busy though.  We are following some advice and taking time to just sort of soak each other up and enjoy those last few moments of being two.  I will admit that it helps. 

Tony is also still working on our house, which is about 40 miles away from where we live now and from where Megan is.  We were told by our AMAZING midwife today that he should be prepared to drop everything.  It seems Megan is expected to go pretty quickly, she did with her daughter. 

Speaking of our midwife… AMY GORDON is AAAAHMAHZING!  I am so glad that Megan wanted to deliver at a free standing birth center instead of the hospital.  The energy at the Birthing Inn in Tacoma is amazing.  The vibe as soon as you walk in is relaxing, supportive, and comfortable.  It has a more relaxed and stress free feel than at a hospital, and the birthing rooms look more like an upscale bed and breakfast then like a delivery room.  Our situation is unique to say the least, and Amy has made all three of us feel comfortable and welcome.  Not only that, but she inspires complete faith and confidence in her ability to take care of Megan and our precious little Zoey (IF SHE EVER GETS HERE).  We HIGHLY recommend her!!!

So our bags have been packed, repacked, and repacked again.  The bottles have been washed and packed, and then re washed and packed.  I have sorted and organized her clothing.  Now, if only that baby would cooperate (LOL).

I know it will be soon, and I know that she already knows her birthday… I just wouldn’t mind if she shared it with me.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

39 weeks...

Hey everyone! I lost all of the blogs we were following somehow. I am trying to get you all back, but it is a mess!!

39 weeks today!!! Hopefully soon, because I tell ya I don't know how much longer we can be on high alert LOL!

Tony and I were wondering how other people coped with the waiting? Any suggestions?

Friday, November 25, 2011

Gobble Gobble!

Hi everyone!!  I hope you all had an amazing Thanksgiving and gobbled till you wobbled!

38 weeks and 5 days and we are still on baby watch.  I know I have bragged about her before, but Megan is amazing!  Tony and I are both in constant awe of her.  Even still, she is understandably ready for Zoey to come out.  I told her the other day that I wish I could take on some of the discomfort and eventual contractions for her, she said “that’s sweet, but you couldn’t handle this.  This is women’s work.”  And she’s right!  It makes me wonder where terms like “the fairer sex” or “weaker sex” even came from!

We both started our leave this week.  Tony I think is the most relieved.  He hasn’t taken a sick day or vacation day all year to save up all his time for after Zoey is born, which means he gets to stay home with us for 2 months, but also means he was running pretty close to empty there at the end. 

We have decided that I will not be returning to work after my leave is up.  That’s right I am going to be a stay at home daddy!  We have had many discussions about this, and have decided that this is the best move for our family.  To be honest I am absolutely blessed and grateful that we are able to have me stay at home and take care of our daughter.  I know not everyone can do that.  Still it is an adjustment and the social worker within says “who will save the world if not you?!?”  LOL!  My ego sometimes I tell ya. 

 Okay, I hope everyone is enjoying their turkey coma, or not having to battle too hard to find that perfect gift!   

Sunday, November 20, 2011

38 weeks

Tony and I have developed a new nightly routine.  Before we go to bed we each check our phones, the volume, are they working, etc before we go to sleep.  If either of us gets up in the middle of the night we check them again.  Every so often one or both of us is asking Megan to call us, just to make sure they are STILL working.  She has got to be sick of the “drills” by now.  I vacillate between being calm and patient, and ascting like a crazy person pacing the floors LOL! 

We had our 3rd, yes I said 3rd baby shower yesterday.  I cannot believe how lucky this baby is, she has a whole village just waiting for her to be born.  My mom and dad through this one, and we had an amazing time.  Here are some pics.  I hope everyone ishaving a great day.  MAYBE the next post will be announcing Zoey’s arrival!  Fingers crossed!

Friday, November 18, 2011

17 days to go!

Dear Zoey,

37 weeks and 4 days!  You could be coming any time now.  I have to admit it’s a lot like being 6 years old and waiting for Christmas… if you never knew what day Santa might be coming, as if one day you could just wake up and Santa had been there. 

The anticipation of your arrival is palpable.  Every time either I or your papa turns around someone is asking us how much longer.  I love the question.  I love that you are entering into a world where so many people are excited about you and your existence.  My hope is that you feel that love even now. 

I have all of your first few sizes of outfits washed, organized, and ready for you.  When I see them folded on YOUR shelves waiting for you I get choked up with the reality that you are coming.  Papa is so funny; he’s so concerned with whether or not he will be able to be gentle enough when dressing you.  The other day I caught him “practicing” by putting one of your outfits on a stuffed Tigger.  I wish I had thought to take a picture. 

I am surprised that even though I cannot wait to have you in my arms, I am also really enjoying the anticipation.  It’s weird for me because I am not a very patient person. 

We are all waiting for you princess.  I will see you soon and my heart will be complete.  I love you with all I am.



Sunday, November 13, 2011

Story of an angel in a parachute...

Papa Here!!
The feeling in my life, for lack of a better explanation, is the feeling after you’ve pushed yourself out of a perfectly good plane, and are falling out of the sky toward Earth.   As far as Mike is concerned, it is too late to obtain a tranquilizer dart gun, but we’re doing okay.  

I’m confident that my parachute is in perfectly working order, but it does not rob me of the exhilaration.

I have lost my ability to track the days of the week, and we literally have something to get done every day of the week at this point.   I work a 24-hour job where I can rest in the late, late, evening, but have not been able to forget that the phone can now suddenly ring at any time.   My normal level of vigilance is two-fold.

I really really want Zoey here, and being a perfectionist, I realize that no matter how hard I work, we’ll never be “perfectly” ready.    I think this is actually a healthy place, as I believe you could literally go insane trying to get more done.   I think, if one is not careful, it is possible to lose sight of why we did this.    I “airlocked” yesterday when I heard there’s potential for snow in our forecast next weekend, as snow shuts down everything in Seattle/Tacoma, but realized again that it’s simply out of my control.

When we were at our last Midwife checkup, Megan placed my hand on her belly.     Immediately Zoey kicked into my hand.   It’s hard to convey the energy of that transfer, but it revitalizes you.   After seeing the clothes that we received from the Baby Showers washed, folded, and placed in Zoey’s room (Mike has worked SO hard on this), they stopped being gifts, and transformed into OUR baby girl’s clothes.    I’ve lost track of all of the transition moments like that, but they are amazing.

This episode has a perfect, immediate, and complete climax on how it finishes.   It’s Zoey coming into the world, and I have the opportunity to be there, front row seat.     Because we’re having a true water birth, if all goes well, I will watch our daughter swim into our lives.

Our house in Seattle has always been a textbook definition of a residential structure; a typical two-story Type III construction wood frame construction.    With a lot of work, our own personal journeys, we have decided to make it a HOME.    It will be a place of birthdays, parties, friends, family, and of recovery.    Covered in drywall dust, insulation, and little flecks of everything, I’ve looked from the center of every room and heard the voices of what is to come.

I’m excited to give this gift back to Zoey, and I’m excited in equal measure for the prospect of having a family.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Does anyone happen to know...

An EASY way I can save these blog entries to show Zoey when she's older?  I should have been keeping copies of the entries, alas I did not... I appreciate any assistance anyone can offer.  YOU ALL ROCK!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Ugh... Harumph...

Can I just mention that I am dying… 36 weeks 2 days.

So close and yet so far.


Monday, November 7, 2011


Surrogacy for us.. ???  A HUGE CONGRATS and WELCOME TO THE WORLD!!!!

By the way... I am going crazy, I know that we are only 36 weeks, but for the love of RICKY MARTIN....


HOLY MOLY!  There was a BLOGGER BABY BOOM the last few days! 

I want to send a HUGE CONGRATS to Jeni and her IFs over at  Love Makes A Family!  Those babies are adorable!!!  I am so excited for all of you, can't wait to read the whole story.

Also sending out tons of love and positive energy to H squared and their two little baby boys at Two Moms and a Baby Bump!!!!! 

It is so weird that I have gotten so wrapped up in each of your journeys.  I actually think about what is going on with you all as I am washing baby clothes, packing and repacking suitcases or diaper bags, or just tripping over the car seat/ co-sleeper/ gymnasium thingy mabob.  It’s very cool that in a way we have all been on this journey together!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

35 weeks 4 days...

Dear Zoey,

35 almost 36 weeks!  We are down to the final days before we have you in our arms.  Your clothes are washed, your car seat and co-sleeper are waiting for you, and the bags are all packed and waiting. 

As I was folding your laundry and packing your bag the other day I couldn’t quite believe that we were here already; that we were getting your clothes ready because you would be here soon. 

About your outfits… your Papa and I had the best of intentions as far as the color scheme.  We wanted you to be exposed to more than just pink and purple, however, your suitcase looks like someone threw up Pepto Bismol all over it.

Just know this, no matter what we dress you in now, we are going to love you WHOEVER you turn out to be, whether it is the girly girl that is all pigtails and polish, or the tom boy that refuses to wear dresses and is covered in mud.  Whatever you want to be… we will be thrilled!  Just forgive us for all of the pictures with you dressed in the frilliest of the frilly. 

35 week 4 days

Last week we saw you in 3D.  I knew you would be beautiful, but you are so beyond that.  You have the cutest cheeks and I cannot wait to cover them in kisses. 

I love you baby.