Monday, April 9, 2012


Zoey has asked that I please pass on her Easter wishes to all of you. Tony and I don't care... JK JK of course we hope you ALL HAD A GREAT HOLIDAY and that the Easter Bunny blessed you with tons of chocolate. Not much of a "religious" person so I am not sure exactly what we were celebrating... something about the Easter Bunny riding on a cloud and giving everyone candy for their sins? Or something? Hey Hey Hey calm down it's just a joke. I'm sure he or she has heard worse. Zoey was SPOILED by the bunny. He seemed to leave stuff for her wherever she went. Her daddies could not decide so she ended up with TWO dresses LOL.
Oh by the by my teeny tiny baby has started eating baby food!!! I almost cried when the Pediatrician said to get her started. I almost DEMANDED a second opinion on the spot. However here are some pics of the EVENT.
Oh yeah, and she also has a new way of sleeping!
Papa and Zoey WORN out in Ma Maw and Pa Paw's guest room after Easter.

Monday, April 2, 2012

16 weeks!

I cannot believe that our little tiny baby is already 4 months old! Time seems to crawl AND fly by simultaneously. She is such an incredible baby, even if she does REFUSE to smile for the camera!
Look at the yellow outfit that her Grandma and aunt sent her from Texas! She looks so cute in it!
She seems to be saying, "Really? EVERY day with the camera?"
Her new thing is to do crunches when she is bored. LOL