Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Here we go!!!!!

I have been HYPER aware of my… err…bathing suit area for the past few days as if any bump could affect our baby.  Tony and I were wrestling the other day and he pretended like he was going to slap my… bathing suit area.  I SHRIEKED “DON’T SLAP THE BABY!!”  Very occasionally I can be slightly dramatic.  So today was the big day…  BY FAR I have the better end of the deal than Megan does.  The process still felt very very weird.  The woman hands me a brown paper bag and says “Off ya go!”  The lab technician was very friendly… a little too friendly, sort of creeped me out a bit.  He showed me where I was to go and explained what I needed to do and left me alone.  “What no dinner?”  The room was awkward, and yet not as bad as some of the places…well never mind. 

Megan and Tony have just left for her appt.  My husband is so beyond amazing and wanted to be there to love and support Megan and be there for her while she does her thing.  Tony and I are both feeling a plethora of emotions and it is difficult to sort them out, or even describe them.  This is something that we both have wanted our whole lives and never thought was possible.  And at the same time I think that even though we want this and have worked so hard to get it the reality of the responsibility is overwhelming.  Which I think is a good thing.  I think that it is important that we respect and think about the times when the baby is screaming and we are tired as well as the times when he or she is being adorable. 

The next ten days are probably going to KILL ME!!!!

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