Thursday, October 6, 2011

Love, Papa

Dear Zoey,

There are SO many things happening right now preparing for your arrival.    Papa has help getting the house nursery and rooms ready.  Daddy is packing away his spring ensemble.    Mommy Megan is helping you grow and get stronger every day.   But mostly we dream about you.     We've recorded bedtime stories for you so you can hear them even before you're born.   Daddy read one called "And Tango Makes Three".     It's your story......

We had your 1st baby shower.    So many friends came, so many people excited and happy for your arrival.    The party was SO beautiful, and Daddy completely ran down the battery of the camera taking pictures of it, he was so excited.
That night when we unpacked all your gifts, we imagine how you would look in each outfit, how each gift would become part of your life.

Planning and more planning.    Papa's time off work, Daddy's time off, the apartment time, our time after you're born together.     All I want for you is a full belly and a healthy happy smile.

Daddy has been shopping at the Carter's baby store so much that the clerks hug him when he comes in.   He does have an eye for how to dress us both.    Papa knows Daddy is thinking of everything for your care.

We fuss and worry about this and that, wring our hands sometimes, but we know it's all worth it.    How I can't wait to see your first smile.


31 weeks, 4 days… that’s you in there!!


  1. this is something I've thought about -- writing a letter as we get closer -- I think it's the best idea and hopefully it can be preserved for your little Zoey so she can enjoy it! Good luck over the next 60 days!

  2. Zoey will be happy to read this one day and know she is such a lucky little girl!