Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Miracles can be yucky too

Megan, Tony, and I had our ALL day birth class this weekend.  The class itself was awesome and really helped all of us to feel better prepared to develop our birth plan.  I will say that I do not recommend doing it all in one day if you can help it.  It is A LOT of information and A LOT of emotions.  Tony and I rolled out of bed and BARELY showered, Megan apparently went to the beauty salon beforehand.  LOL.

EARLY morning class

Megan looks beautiful!  Don't judge me, it was EARLY

Look at those hotties!

Our plan is to have Zoey at a freestanding birth center instead of in a hospital. Megan had her daughter at the Birthing Inn and LOVED it.  Tony and I were a little skeptical, but wanted to respect Megan’s wishes.  That was until we walked into the place.  It is absolutely gorgeous and the energy is just calm and peaceful.  The deal was cinched when we met our midwife Amy.  She is exactly the person you want to be caring for the mother of your child and your unborn baby.  She is amazing.  She was respectful of our unique situation and exudes compassion, warmth, and empathy. 

Kelly is a self proclaimed “semi retired Doula”, she is the one who taught our class on Saturday.  She is also full of warmth and somehow managed to keep our attention for an entire 8 hour day.  The time seemed to fly by.  The information we received was amazing and helpful.  And Kelly’s high energy and enthusiasm were awesome. 

Having said all of that I have a confession to make.  The miracle of life appears to be… gross.  I can’t wait to witness it, and be a part of it, but I have never been so grateful to be born male in all my life.  I will also admit that I have an even greater respect for women.  It is magical what their bodies can do, and what they as people can withstand.  I continue to look at Megan with awe; for her to know what she was getting into and choosing to do this for us… wow.  I hope that I am worthy of the gift she is giving us one day. 


  1. Now you are scaring me. LOL 8 hours, wow! Still pretty exciting though, and yes you are worthy!

  2. Absolutely -- I can't imagine that anyone besides you two could be more worthy.

  3. That's so cool you went through that. And yes about the grossness...our surrogate basically said that when we are in the delivery room and the baby is born, to "follow the woman with the baby (i.e. nurse) as it gets pretty gross after that"...I laughed hard. But it will be AMAZING! In 55 days!

  4. Wow...you guys are getting so close. I can't wait! Well, yes I can. Let's wait a few more weeks. It'll be worth it. :-)

  5. The birth part scares the crap outta me. I'm totally standing behind Jeff!

  6. Thanks you guys!!! : ) We are getting close and I go back and forth between panic and BLIND panic. LOL! The birth scares me too, but thankfully is super tall and I can hide and not see anything. LOL.