Monday, October 31, 2011


I love the fall!  I love everything about it, the way the leaves change and fall, the crisp air, the beginning of the holidays, and the pumpkin flavored…well… ANYTHING! 

The coolest thing about future autumns is that we will always be reminded of this time waiting for Zoey to come.  These are the last days Tony and I will be just two!  I can’t believe it!!!!!!!!!!!

Poor Megan, Tony and I have both subjected her to our “drills” to make sure that even if our phone is on silent HER phone number rings through.  She has been VERY patient with us.  Megan and I text several times a day, but rarely do we chat on the phone.  So the other day when her ringtone came wailing out of my phone and it wasn’t a drill I almost peed myself!


  1. Wait a second... "wasn't a drill"?? Does that mean that Zoey is on her way?

    P.S. The ultrasound pictures are adorable! She looks like a really little person in there!

  2. Can't wait for her to arrive, you all sound so happy and excited!