Monday, October 3, 2011

Papa's Extreme Shower Experience.

Papa  (Tony) here.

We had the 1st baby shower yesterday.

In true Mississippi form, we combined our Marriage vows with our Baby Shower.

Yeah, we got married.   The big tying of the knot.  Game over.   Check and mate.

Yep… that’s our amazing surrogate officiating

We have Registered Domestic Partnership here in Washington State, but it's called "Everything But Marriage".  Or as I refer to it, "Marriage Light".    It gives us a TON of legal protections for each other, and for the baby.    But mostly, I just love Mike, and wanted to make it real and legit.

I am so in love with this man…

The ceremony went off in perfect weather, with a perfect altar that our friends set up.     The garden was incredible.   The music even worked out.    We performed a "handfasting" ritual, using all the colors of long ribbons, each signifying a quality in our bond.   It turned out beautiful, the knot held, so I did not escape.    With our friends looking on, we declared our love for each other.   Mike even shared his true feelings about some of my favorite clothes (my COOL t-shirts), which he doesn't like.  I am, for all intensive purposes, a MARRIED man.

Mike and I and my mother in law

Mike and I with my father in law

Then we did the Baby Shower.    I have never BEEN to one before, and was unprepared.    I needed practice on what to say as each gift was open, as I ran out of things to say after "AWWWWW", and "Super Cute!!!", and "she'll love this".    After the 12th gift, I felt like a goof.     The gifts were amazing, thoughtful, and adorable, I just didn't make the cut on my what I was supposed to say.
But it was alot of fun.   And I got to hang out with people who were excited that Zoey was coming.

See the confusion on my face?   And Zoey’s BIG SISTER helping!

I can't speak for Mike on this one, but I am in awe of our friends in preparing for this Baby Shower and our Ceremony.    I didn't know what treasure we really held till yesterday.   Maybe that's the point of these showers after all, that you won't be going it alone....


  1. oh wow what a neat event! i'm going to be in the same boat when it comes to what to say as each of the many gifts are opened! We might just request a night nurse for the few months! ha ha! Congratulations on everything...!

  2. What a beautiful shower. I think it's wonderful that you combined your marriage vows! Thank you for sharing these great pictures. :) Love you guys!!

  3. Wow what an extra special day for you guys! Congrats!!