Wednesday, October 19, 2011

33 weeks 3 days

Hi Zoey, Papa again.

You're hearing our voices alot more now, Mommy Megan is wearing the BellyBuds and sending bedtime stories and Vivaldi to you.    We worked hard on that, 'cause we wanted you to feel safe and used to our voices before you arrived.

Daddy insisted we get more clothes for your first growing months.   Suffice it to say, you're going to be styling those first few months.    We'll probably lose a few to spit-up and poopy, but there's ALOT of backup clothes.    We should've tipped that forklift operator....

Daddy and I went to a newborn care class the other night to hone our skills a bit on taking care of you those first few weeks.    The doll baby was very compliant as I diapered and re-diapered it.   I just KNOW you'll be that helpful, and won't wiggle at all.    We got to see what to expect with your diaper changes.     Having peered into a box of newborn and first months diapers, I think we'll save time by using a "diaper gun".    There's guns for drywalling in construction, shirt guns for passing out shirts to attendees at stadiums, why not a diaper gun?    It LOOKS like a weapons magazine when you open a box of diapers, hundreds and hundreds of diapers all in a row.    Otherwise Daddy will get tired changing all of them.    Six a day....Sheesh!!

Your next ultrasound is coming up, and we'll get to see how you're doing, and even a little of what you look like right now.   It's been many many weeks since we last got to see you, but we know you've been swimming around pretty good all along.   Mommy Megan can attest to it.  

There's so many details before you arrive.    I myself have to stop, breathe, and focus that this is all about you.    I looked at Daddy during the newborn class, for a while actually, and saw how READY he is for you.      I could see in his eyes he was dreaming about you, already taking care of you, and planning your days.

I spoke with a friend that you were our little girl.    His comment was between his boys (sons) and his daughter, his daughter had him wrapped around her heart.    He always is ready to "jump in" when she neeeds something.     Being a Former Marine my chest puffs out and stiffens as I tell myself no baby will run me down like that.     My heart says different.      It says "That's our little girl......".



  1. ...that was nice...thanks for sharing. can't wait to hear about the ultrasound. take care

  2. Beautiful <3 You get me every time...