Thursday, October 20, 2011


We are getting DOWN TO THE WIRE!  Tony and I took a baby boot camp type class this week, it was very cool and we learned a lot!  Of course we were the only gay couple in the class, luckily we live in a pretty progressive part of the country, although I did feel like some of the women were looking at us and thinking “Wait… they don’t look or speak ANYTHING like Mitchell or Cam”.  Tony and I both deviate from what I think most people think of when they think of gay men, being is that we are both SOOO butch.  Okay, okay I am slightly less butch than Tony, I’m more “soft butch”.  OKAY fine!  I only LOOK butch, regardless as we were leaving the class I could tell that some of our classmates were feeling slighted or robbed that we didn’t say anything particularly witty, or at the very least catty (well out loud anyway, secretly we judged everyone in the room).  I feel like I have some good experience with babies, and I am constantly reading the safe baby websites, however I STRONGLY recommend this class to anyone who is about to be a parent for the first time.

Tony and I went baby clothes shopping too… Look I love him, but shopping is just not his strong suit.  He BARELY buys himself new clothes (as is evident by the PILES of clothes I had destroyed that were from 1982).  Until recently I have noticed that he has like 6 T shirts and 2 sweat shirts he REALLY likes and rotates wearing them, I tried hiding them under stacks of BRAND new shirts in his drawer.  He DUG them out.  So shopping for little girl outfits was definitely challenging for him.  While I am breezing through the aisles throwing anything cute into the cart, he is evaluating each and every item of clothing and wanting to know what exactly it will look like on our princess, and how he will be able to get to the diaper, what it is made of, what item will go with what item, etc.  AT FIRST I was getting annoyed with him and then it HIT ME… this big tough former marine/firefighter guy was standing in a BABY CLOTHING store trying to process something that would be akin to me being trapped in an auto parts store or being forced to difuse a bomb.  He stepped WAY OUTSIDE of his comfort zone and SHOWED UP.  That is ONE of my favorite things about my husband.  He always shows up, even when it’s hard or difficult.  What a gift that will be for our daughter.  He will always show up for her.  Oh and I am proud to point out that since I brought his lack of clothing diversity to his attention, he has RARELY worn the same outfit twice in one week!  

Zoey is on her way.  I simultaneously CAN’T WAIT and feel unprepared.  However, what I know is she has plenty of clothing, shelter, and TWO papa bears to love and protect her.  We have each other, so I guess maybe we ARE ready after all.

33 weeks 4 days


  1. OMG I laughed so hard when you said that you don't sound like Mitch and Camm. My brother said that they reminded him of us and I almost slugged him. I didn't dare ask him who would be who. I would have floored him! You guys sound like a great pair that complement each other wonderfully. 46 days and counting. AWESOME!

  2. So funny! I want to take a parenting class too and I was wondering what it would be like being the (probably) only gay couple too. Now I know I have to prepare some witty remarks. Should I bring homemade baked goods too? Does that help the straight people feel like they are getting their money's worth?

  3. Doug, Tony tells me all the time that I am going to be like Cam with her LOL. Thank you for saying that about us complimenting each other, I swear I have a free pass into heaven now. JUST KIDDING!

    Michael, do it! It was really helpful. We're going to take a Conscientious Fathering class too! DEFINITELY bring the baked goods, wouldn't want to disappoint and not live up to any stereo types! LOL

  4. ohh my gosh! Time is flying! you guys got nothing to worry about, you'll be great daddies:)

  5. From your lips... LOL, I sure do hope so! Thank you. : )

  6. I am sure when I finally pull my husband into the baby section to buy clothes we will go through the same exact experience with the questions. As always, your stories make me smile.