Monday, October 3, 2011

Zoey's FIRST baby shower

Yesterday was the first shower for Zoey!!  Her guncles and Godfathers threw it for her and it was really incredible.  I am so grateful that our daughter is surrounded by SOOO much love.  She isn’t even born yet and she is a spoiled little girl.  I looked around and saw all these people just waiting to welcome her into the world… it was overwhelming and humbling. 

We also decided to do a little “binding ceremony” during the shower.  The state we live in doesn’t recognize gay marriage yet, but we do have Domestic Partnerships.  It may not be equal, but I’ll take it.  We completed the paper work awhile ago, and have felt married in our hearts, but it was really important to Tony that we do some sort of ceremony before Zoey is born.  Originally the plan was to have a big ceremony after Zoey was born, and to do this for now.  Tradition and symbolism are very important to both of us, but especially to Tony.  I was very excited to be doing this because it meant so much to Tony; I didn’t realize until we started how important it was to me as well.  It was very casual, but filled with love and support.  As I looked into my husband’s eyes, so full of love and emotion, and felt the love and support surrounding us I realized we don’t need another ceremony.  This is perfect.  And afterwards it felt sealed.  I am so glad we did this exactly this way.  Megan was the one who actually "officiated", which just made it even more perfect.

 Literally tied the knot


I swear I was not singing to him


AND the best part is I am throwing out all of Tony’s T-shirts!  It was in our vows, and I take them very very serious.  So yep, any Tshirt that says “Rugby BLAH BLAH 1996” or “Firefighter Stairclimb 1981” all gone! 

What an amazing weekend this was.  My cup runeth over. 


  1. Congrats on the ceremony guys! Pretty cool Megan was the one to officiate.

  2. Beautiful <3 Beautiful <3 Beautiful!!!!!! <3<3<3

  3. Ahhhh congratulations Mike & Tony very sweet! Ash and I are starting to do a little planning for our wedding, although we still have no idea when it might happen. Aren't baby showers so much fun it looks like yours was amazing.