Thursday, July 21, 2011

Dear Zoey (20 weeks)

Dear Zoey,

We found out yesterday that you are a little girl.  Your Grammy, Grandma, Papa, Daddy, big sister, and of course Mama Megan were all crowded into the little room waiting for your picture to come up on the screen.  I looked around at everyone and realized what a lucky little girl you are.  This was just a fraction of the people who were waiting to hear word of how you were doing; just a fraction of people who are waiting for you to be born and to be there for you. 

A girl.

A daughter.

Your papa and I both started crying when the technician said you are definitely a girl.  I think Papa immediately started planning your self defense/karate lessons, while I had visions of bows and pink frilly stuff everywhere.   Whoever you are Zoey is absolutely perfect.  If you want bows, Barbies, baby dolls, and pink you got it!  If you want to play in the dirt and would rather have a fire truck than a doll, that is excellent too!  I am just so grateful and thrilled that you are you.  I will admit that there is something magical that happens when you find out you are going to be a father to a little girl.  This place in my heart and soul, that I didn’t even know existed, kicked into gear.  I promise you that I will always protect you and keep you safe.  Your papa and I will treat you with love and respect, just as I hope your future partner does.  We will model for you how you should be treated by whomever you fall in love with. 

The best news of the day was when the Dr. told us you were perfect.  She said that everything is developing exactly like it is supposed to and you are healthy.  I love hearing that.  You are quite an active little baby, which both thrills and terrifies me.  I see a lot of coffee in our future, and we probably need to get on our cardio as well.

20 more weeks and I will hold you in my arms.  Until then I am holding you in my heart.

I love you,


Zoey’s face shot with her arm hiding her eyes.
Nose,mouth, and chin!


  1. Congratulations Papa/Daddy! Zoey is one lucky girl!!! Get used to the only gets more frequent! haha

  2. Thanks guys! GOOD TO KNOW! LOL

  3. So precious. Zoey is going to have all of these wonderful letters to look back on. What a beautiful gift. Make sure you continue the letters after she is born too. Maybe give them all to her on her 18th or 21st birthday. Priceless.

    At my kids' 1st birthday party I also had family and friends write a letter to them that they will open on their 21st birthday.


  4. Another tear causing post! What a beautiful letter to Zoey. So happy for all of you.

    much love, Bobbie

  5. Andrea I was thinking it would be a cool thing for her(HER! SHE HAS A GENDER!) to look back on this blog, and I LOVE the idea of writing letters at the first birthday! I think I may have to steal that!

  6. Thanks Paradykes! I am pretty excited for you guys too!

  7. I love this post...congrats on having a sweet baby girl growing healthy!!! She will love this letter one day...and love her name!!!! You 2 will be amazing daddies

  8. Thank you SO MUCH!!!