Tuesday, July 5, 2011

3 day weekend followed by a short week... SCORE!

I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend!!  Tony and I went to a pool party yesterday, which was fun in itself, but the true star for both of us was the 20 month old ADORABLE little girl named Emma.  She was wearing the cutest little polka dot sun dress and was all smiles.  This little girl’s eyes completely disappeared when she smiled.  It was as if her smile ate them.  Tony and I of course zeroed in on her.  I think we were both clocking her development and lost in our own individual thoughts about what this holiday will look like for us next year.  

Several months ago I posted that not all of our friends were on board with the idea of us having a baby, and I feel badly because the truth is that is a very very small percentage of our friends.  The other day I was babysitting a family friend’s 11 month old son and took him to a picnic with me.  It was amazing to watch all of our friends rush over to see the baby and interact with the baby.  All the while they would say “We can’t wait till our baby comes”.  “Our baby”.  I love that.  And the reality is that we are SURROUNDED by people who can’t wait to love our child as if he or she was their own.  What an incredible blessing to be able to give this child, a bunch of guncles of their very own to love and spoil them.

I did not see Megan for 3 whole days and over that time she popped.  She says that she is feeling the baby move more frequently and she looks… AMAZING.  I am starting to see what people mean when they say that the 10 months of pregnancy actually flies by.  We are getting close to the half way mark and it seems like not too long ago we were still going through tests and legal hurdles. 

I am in awe of the female body.  The fact that a person is conceived, nourished, grown, and protected all inside of the mother is like magic to me.  As I watch our child growing inside of Megan, and I think about what an amazing process this is, I get even more frustrated by the increasing prevalence of misogyny and disrespect I see heaped on women in this country and all over the world.  I truly believe that women are actually the stronger gender.  When you consider all of the oppression and victimization that is heaped on their shoulders… okay I will step down from my soap box. 

Here is the 18 week belly shot…

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