Friday, July 15, 2011

19 weeks 4 days (Dear Baby)

Dear Baby,
You are almost 20 weeks along… halfway there.  You have been a dream in your Papa’s and my heart for so long and soon you will be here with us.  I cannot wait.  We are working hard on getting everything ready for you.  We all got very spoiled at the beginning of this pregnancy.  An ultrasound was done every week or two and we got to see you grow and change through the first trimester.  It has been almost 9 weeks since we have been able to see you.  Next week we will be going in for the 20 week scan and I can barely stand it.  It is like the week before Christmas and I am waiting for Santa to come.   Every single day the love I feel for you multiplies.  Sometimes I feel like my heart will surely explode from the sheer magnitude of love I have for you.  Everything that I have ever done, or experienced has been for this moment; to teach me how to be the best daddy I possibly can for you.  I promise you that although I will absolutely make mistakes, I will always always love you and take care of you.  Whoever you become, I will think of you as the best thing about me, and my biggest accomplishment. 

We went to your check up yesterday.  As we were trying to hear your heartbeat you kept moving.  We could tell because of the blips we heard on the Fethoscope as you moved away.  Amy, the midwife who is taking care of you and Mama Megan, laughed at how active you are.  This came as no surprise to us, at your 11 week ultrasound you were jumping and dancing, it appeared as if you were using your umbilical cord as a bungee.  I think this may be indicative of what is in store for us after you are born.  She also said you “couldn’t be healthier”.  Couldn't be to my ears.  It was absolutely the best thing she possibly could have said.  Your papa cries every time he hears you, and often when he thinks about you.  It is so amazing to me to see such a big strong man turn into putty in your tiny little hands.  Tiny little hands that have yet to born.

We think about you every day, most of my days are filled with thoughts of you.  Even when I am doing something else you are in the back of my mind.  Papa and I were cuddled up on the couch last night and we both realized that soon you will be here sitting in between us.  Amazing.

Continue to grow and get big. 

I love you little baby,

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