Friday, May 20, 2011

Oh for the love of Janet Jackson!

Apparently we gays are a VERY powerful people.  We are responsible for floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, birds falling out of the sky, the war, and now the rapture! 

Can someone tell me why for the love of penis I am wasting my powers on all that instead of on making $500,000 per year?!?

And will everyone that is off to heaven, PLEASE leave your carkeys, house keys, and jewelry in plain sight?  I hate having to dig for that stuff.


  1. I for one am looking forward to a traffic free commute and no lines at Starbucks next week!

  2. I still think that people should "thank" gays for the Rapture instead of "blaming" us for the rapture. Because of us, millions of people will get whisked away to Heaven.