Tuesday, May 17, 2011

11 weeks 1 day

Dear Brody or Zoey,

Your beautiful mom is starting to show.  As you know she is already beautiful, but as I see you making your presence known, she looks even more beautiful.  I am so excited about seeing the changes in her that mean you are here with all of us. 

Today was your 11 week 1 day ultrasound.  As soon as the image showed on the screen you were dancing. You were waving your arms and legs (YOU HAVE ARMS AND LEGS!  AND FINGERS AND TOES!) all over the place.  I am still completely overwhelmed by the emotions I have when I see you on that monitor.  You did this little push off, like a swimmer in a pool, with your legs and flung yourself across the screen.  Papa exclaimed and I started to cry.  You look like a little person and not just a little blob.  You have already changed our entire world.  Papa and I are trying to get as prepared as possible for your arrival.  I say as prepared as possible, because I know that as much as you have changed us, this is the easy part and only the beginning.

The Dr. says that everything looks good, and as always that is music to our ears.  I love you.  Papa loves you.  And Mama Megan loves you.  You continue to do your thing and grow and get healthy. 



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