Sunday, May 8, 2011

HAPPY Mother's day

I have the best Mommy on the planet.  There I said it.  She was just a baby herself when she had me at 16 and she did it all by herself.  She wasn't raised with the best example of great parenting.  Her mother died when she was 3 and my grandfather...well... he was less than adequate.  So I am often flabbergasted at how she was able to be the incredible mother that she was and continues to be to this day.  No matter what I threw at her, coming out at 15, being arrested, dragging her through the hell that was my addiction, she has always been my biggest dupporter and best friend. 

It is because of her that I so desperately want to be a parent.  It is because of the incredible and unwavering love that she gives to me that I want to pass it on.  I am so grateful to have such an exemplary example of what it means to be a parent.  I love you Mommy!  You are going to be UNSTOPPABLE as a Grandmother.

I am curious to the other same gender parents.  How do you handle Mother's and Father's day?  Do you share one?  Split them up?  Share them both?  Tony and I have been wondering how that's going to look for us.  We appreciate any ideas.

Happy Mother's Day to all the mommies!  And daddies that are also mommies!


  1. Well for us, Mother's Day is currently spent with Grandma and/or Grandma-ma. We use it to acknowledge Sabrina's birth mother as well. It has evovled. For our first Mother's Day, Sabrina was only about 6 weeks old and we weren't really sure how to handle it, so we kind of ignored it. We were afraid it would be too hurtful to her birth mother. Last year, we sent some pictures and a "Thinking of you" card. Honestly, there's no reason to not celebrate her mother, so this year and going forward it's an official "Mother's Day" card. We don't use it as a day to celebrate us. Father's Day (or as we call it, "Father's-s Day") is a different story, that's all about Daddy AND Papa!

  2. I say celebrate them both! Granted I only had a mother, but I always gave her a Father's day card and gift because she was both parents to me. I also send cards and gifts to other people in my life who have helped to parent me! And Mike look at it as another excuse to get more flowers!

  3. Hey Guys,
    Thanks for the lovely compliments on our blog, Daddy Times Two. Best of luck as you continue your journey to parenthood.

    I'm a little late to the game on your Mother's Day post. Here are my thoughts... for what they are worth. We send a Mother's Day card to our Son's Mother. We also refer to her as Mummy because our son has no other mother. Last year we also took her to lunch. We have a very open line of communication with her and her family. I am also not opposed to being sent a Mother's Day card. In the end we play all sorts of roles as parents. Someday I am Daddy and other days I channel my inner Mommy. The most important thing is that I show up each day and be the best parent I can be!

    All the best,
    Brandon at Daddy Times Two