Friday, November 18, 2011

17 days to go!

Dear Zoey,

37 weeks and 4 days!  You could be coming any time now.  I have to admit it’s a lot like being 6 years old and waiting for Christmas… if you never knew what day Santa might be coming, as if one day you could just wake up and Santa had been there. 

The anticipation of your arrival is palpable.  Every time either I or your papa turns around someone is asking us how much longer.  I love the question.  I love that you are entering into a world where so many people are excited about you and your existence.  My hope is that you feel that love even now. 

I have all of your first few sizes of outfits washed, organized, and ready for you.  When I see them folded on YOUR shelves waiting for you I get choked up with the reality that you are coming.  Papa is so funny; he’s so concerned with whether or not he will be able to be gentle enough when dressing you.  The other day I caught him “practicing” by putting one of your outfits on a stuffed Tigger.  I wish I had thought to take a picture. 

I am surprised that even though I cannot wait to have you in my arms, I am also really enjoying the anticipation.  It’s weird for me because I am not a very patient person. 

We are all waiting for you princess.  I will see you soon and my heart will be complete.  I love you with all I am.




  1. The thought of him dressing a stuffed animal so cute! Hope the remaining time flies by fast. Get out for a date night cause it will be a while before you will want to sneak away from your little girl.

  2. REALLY good advice, we will take it! Thank you.

  3. I found your blog a few months ago through another blog, and have been following your journey. I find it so inspiring and can tell just from the small amount that I have read that you will both be fantastic fathers, and she is one lucky little girl!! If only all parents loved their children as much as you will both love her. I look forward to seeing your journey as it continues into parenthood!! Good luck!! :)

  4. Such lovely words. We are ALL waiting for the arrival of your princess! Can't wait for your most exciting post yet!

  5. Your posts always bring (happy) tears to my eyes. This will be so wonderful to look back on years from now. <3 Counting down with's almost time. xo