Monday, August 1, 2011

What an AMAZING weekend!

Tony and I took a long weekend to get a break from house preparations and baby research this weekend.  We went on our annual camping trip with the uber guncles.  I should forwarn you that my blackberry camera is not great, but we are including some pics.  A few months ago I posted that some of our gay friends didn’t exactly jump up and down when we told them of our parenting plans.  Isn’t it funny how we can focus on the people who don’t support us and forget to see the ones that do?  I had decided that during the trip I would not make Zoey the topic of every conversation, that I would not bore our friends and alienate them with talk of cloth versus disposable diapers, breast milk, water delivery, or baby clothes; as it turned out Zoey was the main topic of the trip anyway, mostly broached by her loyal subjects.  Our friends are as excited and thrilled with her arrival as we are, and cannot wait to dote on her and spoil her.  I love those guys. 


Uber Guncles Michael and Bill

Tony with Uber Guncle Marty

We camped in the Olympic National Forest and it was spectacular.  Before I metTony I was really more of the camping out at the Hilton type of guy.  He really has opened up my eyes to a whole new world, and I cannot wait for him to show Zoey the things he has shown me.

While we were there we did a little impromptu birthday celebration for Tony and our friend Michael.  It never ceases to amaze me what a gaggle of gays can do.  They turned the campsite into a full on swinging birthday party in like 20 minutes, while I got to sneak away with my husband for some alone time so he would be surprised.  After seeing what they did in the middle of the woods I am getting nervous about the “production” the baby shower will be (LOL). 

On our way back from camping Tony and I stopped at the Olympic Game Farm, It’s this amazing place where you can drive through and interact with the animals.  I think our favorite part was being able to feed the bears (shock).  My big, strong, butch husband squealed like a girl when a buffalo tried to stick it’s head in the truck though.  The entire ride back he obsessed about the buffalo slobber on the window, I think he was really distraught over the reminder of his recent trauma. 

  The goats that fortunately were not for sale

 This is not the buffalo, but Tony swear it was trying to eat him

I also realized that we may be in a bit of trouble.  I don’t think Tony will be able to say no very often to our little girl.  When I jokingly asked Tony for a goat, he stammered and started this dancing from one foot to the other thing he does when he wants to say no, but doesn’t want to disappoint me, and I realized that Zoey is going to WORK him over BIG time.  Just to test my theory I later asked for a wolf and a bear… while he did draw the line at the bear, I could have easily got him to agree to a wolf!  Man oh man… I may have to be the voice of reason when it comes to Zoey.  We’re screwed.

It was an amazing weekend, and I am so glad that we put away all of the preparation and allowed ourselves a moment to breathe and refocus and get back to getting everything ready.  And next year Zoey will be with us on this trip… wow.  After waiting so long for her, I can hardly believe she’s almost here.  I am truly grateful for my life.


  1. You guys crack me up! Zoey is so fortunate to be born to such amazing daddies! And..... can you imagine the shit McGyver would have come up with had he been gay! Your shower is going to be a full on production!
    Much love, Bobbie

  2. Thanks Bobbie! I hope you have a great week and that Ash is feeling well. : ) XO