Sunday, December 18, 2011

2 weeks old!

Zoey is 2 weeks old today!  I love her more than I ever imagined was possible.  She is a really good baby, and as long has her diaper is fresh and she is fed she doesn’t usually get fussy at all.  Our TV is on A LOT less now, we would rather just stare at her all day.  And we’re not the only ones, it seems that everyone wants to see her (THIS must be what Mary and Joseph felt like when the FIRST Messiah was born...allegedly). 

 Zoey and one of her god parents, Guncle Brian

Zoey and her other "Fairy Godmother", Bill and Guncle Eric

Life seems right and complete, but I will admit that I miss my husband.  Oh I see him every day, but our dynamic is absolutely changing.  It is all for the better, but still changing none the less. 

Daddy and Zoey at the beach

Speaking of change, So the other day someone asked me “Hey what’s that on your wrist?”.   I looked at my wrist and calmly said “Oh that?  Looks like poop”.  Yeah… poop.  I also went to the grocery store with a huge spit up spot on my shirt… I’m THAT guy now.  And I love every minute of it.


  1. The reindeer on the butt pants are SO CUTE!!!! Btw, just the other day I noticed poop on my arm that had likely been there an hour before I noticed son is 2 if that tells you how things in that department do not really "go away" as they get older haha

  2. Love the outfits and LOVE seeing a father non-chalantly going about his day with baby bodily fluids. The glamorous life of parents!

  3. Derek and I were just talking about resolutions for the new year. I said my resolution was to try to make it through the day without poop in my hair. If I do, that'll be a good day.

  4. ohhh that butt pic is to die for! Love love love these photos, what a happy family xoxo