Monday, December 12, 2011

1 week...

Dear Zoey,

You are one week old.  I have to admit to you that I had no real concept of how intensely you were going to change our lives.  It is as if every experience, every lesson, and every mistake was so that I could be prepared to be your dad.  Even though you mostly just eat, poop, pee, and sleep right now, your papa and I have a new favorite past time.  We love watching you.  You make the funniest faces and we spend most of the day with a camera pointed at you and exclaiming to each other “Did you see that?”. 

Even the lack of sleep is worth it.  I am so enthralled with you that I don’t even care that the place is cluttered and I am more likely to leave the dishes on the table and play with you then I am to rush them to the sink to wash.  By the time you read this you will know that is saying something.  It seems every morning I wake up to you and realize I love you even more than I did when I went to bed.  Your umbilical stump fell off and I teared up a little, I know it is silly, and your papa laughed at me and said “She’s not going off to college tomorrow.”

Your Papa… well he can barely put you down.  He stares at you for hours and hours.  He loves taking care of you, he didn’t have much practical baby experience before you, but you are QUICKLY turning him into a pro.  It is amazing to see this big man melt into a pile of goo when he is changing you, singing to you, or just holding you.  I caught him singing “Itsy Bitsy Spider” to you, complete with the hand motions… I love you both so much.  You’re starting to stir so I need to get your bottle ready.  I love you.



  1. Happy 1 week baby Zoey and daddies! I did not think it was possible but she is for sure CUTER!!!! Love those cheeks!

  2. I am so Happy for you guys... she is beautiful... we are Hoping we will have a happy beginning like yours one day

  3. Zoey is adorable. What a lucky little girl to have such amazing dads.

  4. You three make a picture perfect family, the second picture melts my heart. The love in your faces is perfect. The last picture of Zoey, is just so sweet. Enjoy this does not last long enough. Leslie

  5. Gorgoeus! Love the last pic, so pretty in pink! Congrats!

  6. o she is just so beautiful!! you can def tell that her 2 daddies just LOVE her with all their hearts and souls :-)

  7. OMG
    Beautiful Family
    Congratulations Guys!!!!!
    All the best to the three of you in 2012