Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Mirror mirror on the wall...

Sigh… it’s happening.  The spot of blonde, or what I had convinced myself were blonde, hairs on my goatee have turned… GRAY!  Tony, that sweet lovable man, has been assuring me that they weren’t gray for months.  I foolishly believed him.  However, today time ran out on my denial.  They are gray.  How could this be possible?!?  I’m only thirty…two!!!!  If that wasn’t bad enough as I was showering I found some on my CHEST!  Before you know it I will be wearing sandals with socks, denim shorts, gas station sunglasses, and walk around with a blue tooth in my ear.  I’M A DAD!  I love it, but I could do without the gray hair or the gas station sunglasses.

A few months ago I was telling Megan this story I had read about a woman approaching a gay couple in a grocery store, they were with their toddler who was throwing a fit.  The woman apparently asked them where that child’s mother was.  I know that the idea of gay parents is new to many people, but really?  Megan said that she hopes if that ever happens to Tony and I that I will tell her that I am in fact her mother.  LOL, I love her.

27 weeks! 


  1. I like to say my grays are highlights. Why is it that men with a little gray look distinguished and women just look old?

  2. Jean shorts are totally cool again. Cut off your skinny jeans just above the knee and rawk on :)