Monday, September 5, 2011


I haven’t been very good about blogging lately.  The truth is I have been just completely overwhelmed with all there is to get ready.  My amazing husband has been busting his butt to get our house redone and ready for Zoey.  And our friends have truly been awesome in helping that process along.  I sometimes get way too caught up in what I want to have done before she gets here, and it takes Tony making me take the time to stop and remember what an amazing blessing we are getting, and that as long as the three of us are together and happy all will be well.  I read not too long ago that two of the things that cause couples the most stress are a remodel and having a baby… we chose to do both in the same year.  I know right? 

You know what?  I know it is all going to be okay.  This whole process, including all of the emotional stress, will be more than worth it when we have our little daughter in our arms. 

So today marks the first day of the last trimester… the last trimester!  In so many ways it feels like Megan was just coming through our door telling us she was pregnant!  And in other ways it seems like it is never going to get here.  Up next baby showers and shopping and classes! 

This pic is a little late it is the 26 week pic from last week.  THAT’S OUR KID IN THERE!!


  1. Take a deep breath! The anticipation is really fantastically nerve ending...and renovations are never fun (nor on budget)...but the truth is this is the best time to get done anything that needs getting done. Soon enough your newly remodeled home will be splattered with pink toys anyway!

  2. i can't imagine the anxiety but I'd love to experience it :-) congrats on the first day of the last trimester...that has a wonderful ring to it. now go get ready for Zoey (our first dog's name).

  3. How funny that you wrote this, I too get all anxious and worry about all the little things but then my husband remains calm and reminds me too that everything is going to work out. Hang in there and look forward to those cute little baby showers!

  4. Thanks you guys! And Doug, I hope you get to experience it really soon. It is so worth it. I am hoping you have some exciting news to share here shortly!

  5. Baby showers, shopping, and, so fun!!!