Wednesday, March 30, 2011

And now a word from Tony...

Being on this side of the pregnancy is totally different.   Keeping “in the moment”, versus renting the bulldozer to level the neighbors houses that might “be an issue”.  LOL.   Mike and Megan have been amazing to be with on this journey.    While the feelings of excitement have not dwindled, and still feeling those feelings of when the baby came to us, there’s the reality of “put up or shut up” in getting ready.   What changes here besides virtually everything?   Will our friends love us even when we’re covered with spit-up and poopy?   Will we become “those” people that ONLY talk about our baby?  Ugh.
BTW, I’m not sure completely that our baby is alone.   Meaning only one.  One baby.   I’m ready for one baby.   Beyond that my head explodes.   How much of a sense of humor does the universe have?  My life is amazing on so many levels, someone who loves me for me, friends that are warriors in every sense, and Megan, who is becoming a part in our lives in ways I couldn’t have imagined.     Is there a Hallmark Thank You card for someone who gives you a baby?
 There are so many possibilities, and I’m overwhelmed.   But it feels right, and I accept that.

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