Tuesday, March 22, 2011


What a day!  So Megan and I went to our state capital today to advocate for our clients (we both work in social services with a marginalized population) and as a bonus we also got a chance to advocate and lobby to change our states laws on surrogacy!  As it stands right now our state does not allow compensation for women who choose to be surrogates.  There is also a lot of gray area in our state's law regarding surrogacy in general.  Fortunately Tony and I have an amazing attorney and the three of us are covered, especially since we our in what is called a "compassionate" surrogacy aggreement (as if women who are compensated are less compassionate).  However, it was still thrilling to be championing issues that we fight against every day in our professional life and as well as for other families!

Here we are!  Fighting the fight!!!

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