Wednesday, March 30, 2011

This morning...

My husband is beautiful.  I mean he is absolutely gorgeous inside and out.  His job is such that he works two 24 hour shifts in a week, so usually he is still sleeping when I get up in the morning.  I like to take a couple minutes to watch him sleep and marvel and what an amazing man he is.

This morning as I looked over at him it hit me... he is going to be someone's dad!  He and I (and of COURSE Megan) have created life.  I was almost overwhelmed by the flood of emotions I had for him.  He will never ever truly be able to understand how grateful I am to him for making us parents.  How much I love him.  No matter who is the genetic contributor for this baby, it took all of us (and a team of lab technicians, nurses, and a doctor) to make this lifetime dream of ours a reality.  I almost woke him up to tell him everything I was feeling and thinking, but then I remembered that he is not so... happy when he first wakes up.

It's amazing how my perceptions are changing and shifting.  I THOUGHT I knew how I would feel when we got the positive test result, but I had no idea.  The rush of emotions I feel has been amazing.

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