Thursday, May 17, 2012

Our baby...

NEVER sleeps!!!  Okay that might be a slight fabrication.  She is just in this phase where she won't sleep at night.  The last SEVERAL nights Zoey wants to be in bed with us.  The fact that her crib is in our room is just not cutting it for her.  This makes for a VERY tired daddy and Papa.  It is ONLY 7:30 and I can barely wait for her first nap so I can lay down with her (something they tell you to do, but I am not very good at).   Is it too soon to slip Lunesta in her bottle?  I love that one of our older friends suggested a little bit of whiskey in her bottle "It worked for our kids"... yeah I'm thinking that was pre CPS.  No matter how hard I look I can't seem to find that suggestion in any of our baby books so we're going to skip that little gem of advice. 


  1. It will get better. My little one (and her parents) started sleeping a lot better when she moved to her own room at 6 months. You are almost there:o) And that older generation liked to use liquor to solve a lot of problems;o) I hope you have a restful day!

  2. Our girls are 11.5 months and have gone through some sleep regression in the last few months. I can definitely sympathize! Is there any way it is teething? I found that Boiron's Camilia (a homeopathic remedy for teething babies) worked very well when a tooth was making its way out.

  3. Lack of sleep is always super rough. I ran across this quote recently which has helped me keep things in perspective. *a little* :)

    “No One Looks Back On Their Life And Remembers The Nights They Got Plenty Of Sleep.”

    Hang tough my friend! This time will be over before you know it!

    1. I like that quote, Jeni. I hope that helps me get through my sleepless nights. And good luck Mike and Tony. Remember, I'm up and on Facebook so chat with me or play a game online with me. We'll keep each other awake!

  4. Could be cutting teeth. My kids had 2 teeth before they were 4 months old. Teething tablets worked good for my kids, they hated the numbing gel. Hopefully she starts sleeping better soon. She is absolutely adorable!

  5. I finally had to put my kids in their own room and do the dreaded "cry it out" thing for a few nights. It really sucked and no one got any sleep at all and my husband had to sit on me so I wouldn't go in there every 10 seconds but after 2 nights they were both sleeping well again. Just a thought.

  6. No no honey; the whiskey is for YOU, not the baby.
    I agree with some other comments, this sounds like teething to me too.

  7. I am doing co-sleeping with my 9-month old son. Which makes me feel super guilty, because #1 I swore I wasn't going to do it because it took me 18 months to get my oldest daughter to transition to her own bed and #2(and even worse!) his twin sister is in her crib a few feet away.
    But the truth is, we all need sleep to be good parents. As the neonatologist told me at our followup appointment: 'When you have a baby, you're in survival mode. You do whatever it takes to get enough sleep to stay alive.' If that means naps together, co-sleeping, taking shifts, etc, you do it. And you keep telling yourself that by they time they're adults, they'll sleep through the night...or they'll be up all night in their OWN houses!