Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Mother's day

Okay... so Tony and I have decided to break up Mother's day and Father's day.  Since I am the one that is home with the baby and make her schedule (YEAH RIGHT!) and am the one to be covered in spit up, poop, and pee MOST often (not that Tony isn't USUALLY covered in one or more of Zoey's bodily fluids, but he gets to go to work LOL) I will get Mother's day.  What this REALLY means is that IIIIII GET TO GO FIRST!!!!  Some of our friends have teased me, as if I am somehow forgoing my male/daddy/testosterone by celebrating Mother's day.  I am THRILLED to be the mama bear in this house.  I am so incredibly grateful to be able to see all the changes in our little girl, to see her smile first thing every morning, to be her "mommy".  With Tony's unique work schedule we are both very fortunate that Zoey gets so much time with the both of us.  Currently she is in the phase where she really only wants one of us to hold her or comfort her.  Secretly I love this, and at the same time I fear we aren't doing something right.  I know that grandparents, uncles, aunts, and god parents all want to be special to her, and I am sure they are.  Sometimes though I wish people would calm down and just let her be the baby she is without trying to figure out her every mood.  AND we are absolutely blessed to have so many people who love her so much and care so much about her. 


  1. Happy Mother's Day, Mike! I say you can celebrate whatever/whenever the heck you want to...you're a parent! :)

    P.S. The fact that Zoey wants you to hold her and comfort her is a terrific sign that you are doing EVERYTHING right. It means she trusts you...she knows you'll take care of her, no matter what mood she might be in. You're creating confidence and security for her. You're awesome.

    P.P.S. The only way you could be awesomer is if you posted a current picture of your cutie-patootie family! ;-)

    1. Thanks Jeni! I will get on it immediately.

  2. Isn't it great that we can celebrate our families the way WE want? Have fun making your traditions, they are yours to cherish! Happy Mother's Day!

  3. Amazing! Happy mama bear day!

  4. you guys are so adorable:) Happy Mother's Day!

  5. Literally just stumbled across your blog and so glad I did! Happy mothers day to you :) its my first one (I've got an almost 3 month old baby girl named Presley!) and hoping my hubby makes me feel as special as yours makes you! :) Anyhoot, just wanted to show you some love! Xo