Monday, June 6, 2011

Of glitter and war...

PapaBear here.   As Mike has mentioned, this has been one of the more bizarre instances in my life.   Having “written off” the chance of being a father before now, the reality of becoming one evolves on an almost daily basis.

The house is my priority right now.   It’s a gay man’s house during a remodeling project.   It’s as friendly a baby environment right now as New Mexico was after the Manhattan Project.   Funny anecdote, the first hydrogen nuclear bomb was codenamed “Mike”.   I’ll let you come to your own conclusions….

Mike helps me slow down and appreciate the “roses” in this.   Being in Public Safety for nearly 12 years, as a First Responder, I’m in emergency management mode.    At any time the landscape of my thoughts is akin to scenes of the Invasion of Normandy in WWII, complete with thoughts of overnight parachute & glider landings, massive air attacks, naval bombardments, early morning amphibious landings, etc.   Dammit, we have a baby coming, unleash the dogs of war!!!!

So, back to Mike’s job.  He keeps me centered, and partially sane.   Mostly.  And he makes me laugh.

Megan continues to astound me.   We’ve gone back and forth on the topic of natural childbirth versus “C” section.  I felt totally off the hook if we went C-section, as I could relive the old days of future fathers out waiting, smoking cigars in business suits.    Megan is considering using a midwife, birth in water, and a birthing center.   Because I am a man, I have absolutely no idea what it feels like to have a baby.   None.    If it were me, as a man, if I myself were carrying a baby, I’d insist on being unconscious most of the pregnancy (all 3 trimesters) , with epidural and emergency high-bore backup drugs at the birth just in case.     I’m totally ecstatic to be there during the birth of the baby, and I’m completely ready for the skin grafts if Megan needs to vent her frustrations..

Mike’s birthday was yesterday, and we brought a great deal of the family together.   It was a nice enjoyable time, and as Mike so eloquently put it, “the baby is here with us”.     It was so wonderful to see Megan become part of our family, as well as us becoming into hers.     I’m so ready to be soccer dad, or playing a game of tag, or whatever this child needs.    I’ll still struggling with the need of toddlers wanting to put makeup on me, but progress, not perfection.    I’ve had glitter on me from past days, it’s just Megan’s daughter puts it on a little thick.    And I wore it to work the next day, as that stuff doesn’t come off……


  1. Code named "Mike"...ha ha ha ha. Aren't you hilarious?

  2. You will be finding glitter for days :)

    So excited for you both! Whether it's a c-section or vaginal, it will be AWESOME.

    Although once my IPs read about my surro-friend Stacie's birth story (the good, the bad and the UGLY) they were so glad we ended up with a c-section! LOL