Tuesday, April 19, 2011

7 weeks 1 day

I saw your heart beating today.  It was… amazing.  The best sight I have ever seen.  Your Papa, your big strong papa, started crying when he saw the flutters on the screen.  I was tearing up before the image even came on the screen.  The doctor says you are doing well, and all of three of us (Daddy, Papa, and Mama Megan) all took a collective sigh of relief. 

I think of you all the time.  I wonder what is going on with you and if you are safe and happy.  I am sure that this is just the very beginning of having those thoughts for the rest of my life.  You’re here and you are safe.  For the moment my world is still, just knowing that.

You’re just a tiny little thing, but you are not at all shy about making your presence known.  For such a little jelly bean of a thing you are causing having havoc on your Mama’s body.  She is a champ though and hardly complains.  Through the sickness and exhaustion she keeps a smile on her face and is just happy to know that you are safe.

The next 7 ½ months are going to teach me a lot about patience, I cannot wait to hold you in my arms, see your face, hear you cry, and count your little fingers and toes.

I have never, in my whole life, loved anything as much as I love you.    


  1. Such a sweet post! You will be great parents! Will you post on what Mama Megan's role will be after the birth? It sounds like you are all so close, and that's good.

  2. Thanks Bobby! That is an excellent suggestion and I will do that now. How are things moving towards number 2?

  3. Ah... I wish I had a blobby pic of D' and Les. :(

    All that aside, I'm terribly excited (if not jealous) of you two. :)

  4. Oh and I wish you did too.