Tuesday, January 24, 2012

And Justice for all...

It is a crazy time in our state right now.  We are on the verge of becoming the 7th state (Plus DC) to make marriage equality a reality!!  I came out 22 years ago ( I was 7… yeah 7), and I have to tell you back then this wasn’t something I ever thought was going to happen anywhere.  Currently we has the “Everything But Marriage” law, which means we have all the rights and responsibilities, but not the title.  I used to think that this was enough.  When I was younger I thought that just having the same rights were enough, I mean who cares about what it was called right?  Wrong.  The flaw in that logic is that I believed that at the time when I truly planned to never ever settle down with one person forever.  I was too busy and had too many plans.  Now that I have met my match AND have started a family with that match, I want the whole kit and caboodle.  Just like everyone else.
I teared up when the 25th senator, a conservative democrat announced that she would vote yes for the marriage equality bill.  A few years ago we were here.  In this same place and we did not get that last vote needed.  One vote away.  And here we are.  Tony and I will be at gives me the chills.  

Of course there is a possibility that it will go to a referendum and we will have to fight like hell to keep it.  Tony and I will RUN to the courthouse as soon as we can when it goes through, as to avoid that whole mess that California had to deal with.

I know a lot of folks are holding their breath, waiting for it to be all signed and sealed.  For right now I am going to celebrate that we are THIS close.  It feels good, almost like what I would imagine being a first class citizen feels like.


  1. Celebrate! All the way to the courthouse!

  2. I get frustrated just thinking about all this back and forth bullsh*t that we have to go through in order to be recognized like everyone else, to get the rights, the hospital visitation rights, the tax benefits (imagine that?!), etc, etc. I really hope it gets passed. We all deserve it...even if it means one state at a time! Run, Mike and Tony, RUN!!!

  3. Man, I really should proof my posts before I hit that button. LOL I swear I really DID go to college!