Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Autumn is my FAVORITE time of the year!  This year its even better because we have all of Zoey's first holidays coming up!!!  I have been dreaming of the day when I could take my child trick or treating, it seems like a simple thing to most, but this is one of the moments I thought were lost to Tony and I.  One of the 100 moments a day where I silently say a prayer of thanks for Megan and what she has given us.  And now, miraculously, we get to do it all again next year!!!

I'm a little nervous about bringing home our two newest babies this winter.  We have been trying to prepare Zoey for the new babies by loving on some of her stuffed animals etc and to show her "gentle".  Normally Zoey is not easily distracted when she is playing with a toy, but man oh man let Tony or I pick up one of her "babies", hug it, and say "love the baby" and she crawls over at the speed of light, rips the offending item out of our arms, throws it, and then goes back to what she is doing.  DOH! 

We went to the pumpkin patch this weekend with Megan and her beautiful daughter!  I have never been and Zoey LOVED it!  To my absolute HORROR Zoey was most interested in the dirty goats!!  Megan, who was holding her at the time, smirks at me and says "Well  are you going to let her touch the goat?"  What the hell?  Its a special occasion!!!!  (secretly I scrubbed her little hands down with hand sanitizer the second I had her alone JK JK).  Here are some pictures of the trip.

 Mama Megan and her daughter

 The infamous goat

 Zoey's first pumpkin!!!
I think she had a good time!


  1. Awe looks like a fun time was had by all! And I love the last picture....Zoey is the cutest!

  2. I too, love the last picture of her. Happy girl!!

  3. That smile is priceless!

    And though there's bound to be some sort of transition time, I'm sure she'll adjust to having the new babies around and end up adoring them. (That's what I tell myself re. our little guy and his sister that's due in just a few more months!)

  4. Her cuteness always makes me smile!

  5. Great pictures guys! My daughter has that same hat.