Wednesday, October 3, 2012


I have been thinking about this blog post for days and days.  I cannot believe the journey we have been on.   I cannot believe that we are on the precipice of becoming fathers again.  Even though I am as thrilled about these babies as I was Zoey there has also been hesitation about being all in considering the circumstances.  Our joy is all because there is a woman who is in an impossible situation and has to make an impossible choice.  As elated as we are that Zoey is going to have siblings and that we will have 2 more babies to love, Tony and I are also incredibly sad for the choice she has to make.  I’m not going to blog about her or her situation, that’s not my story.  But I will say that from the very second I met her I liked her.  She has a strength that I envy.  You see that pretty much as soon as you meet her. 

I know that anything can happen on this journey, and I could get caught up in being cautious... OR I can revel in our joy and shout my gratitude to the universe.  I have chosen the latter.  One of the greatest blessing about keeping a blog of Zoey’s pregnancy and after is that we have something to show her later.  These babies are already a part of our family and our hearts and we love them fiercely.  So tomorrow we find out the gender(s) and I am like a kid the night before Christmas, my brain is vibrating and I can’t sit he reality is it doesn’t matter.  I just can’t wait to see them.  To know that they are alright.  And I am nervous.  I am nervous for the woman who is carrying her babies and trying her hardest to be strong.  I pray God shows me how to support her. 


  1. May this new journey bring so much (more) joy and love and happiness into your lives!

    Im guessing one boy and one girl! Xoxo

  2. In the end I'm grateful these babies will be loved. Adoption is never easy and your sweet babes will wonder why they didn't stay with their mother but sometimes letting go is the best thing we can do. Bless you all and the birth mom and your unborn children. I pray for health, joy and most of all peace.