Saturday, July 7, 2012

7 months old!!!

In so many ways Tony and I can't believe that we have been parents to this incredible being for 7 months.  It seems like just yesterday I was holding her for the first time.  She has grown into such a little ham and everyday is a new adventure with her.  I thank the creator everyday for choosing us to be her parents, and for making women like Megan who are so giving and so compassionate as to be willing to create families for other people. 


  1. So much cuteness I can hardly stand it! I simply can't believe she's 7 months old already. How on earth does that happen?! :-)

  2. Omg the stars and stripes dress! How many outfit changes did she do on the 4th? Madonna did 12 in her last concert!
    She's adorable! Love this post.

  3. I think we needed the stars and stripes dress for the 4th...we weren't nearly that festive! SEVEN MONTHS WOO HOO!!!! Congratulations you guys are doing an amazing job as parents. She's beaming in every photo. And kudos to Megan, having gone through a similar situation...we have so much respect for her and our surrogate who help us create families. BE WELL.

    1. Thank you guys!!! You guys are doing a pretty fantastic job yourselves! I think we are competing for the most photographed baby girl ever. : )

  4. She looks like such a character! I can't believe it has been 7 months already. She is so adorable!

  5. What a cutie, she looks like such a happy baby!

  6. Love the hats!!! What beautiful baby girl :)