Sunday, December 9, 2012

HRH is ONE!!!!

I know we have been horrible bloggers.  I am hoping that when we get moved and settled that will change.  What I feel the worst about is not blogging more about the twins.  Its just hard with a TODDLER and packing.  Also, even though I LOVE them so much and FEEL them in my heart, I am being a little cautious about it because its an adoption and I don't want to try and tell their birth mom's story on her since its not my story to tell.  I will say this, they are healthy and moving and doing great.  I can't wait for that moment when I have them in my arms. 

So Zoey is ONE... which is AMAZING and also a little sad.  Our pediatrician called her a TODDLER and for just a second I wanted to argue with her.  I'm posting some pics from her princess party.  It was absolutely perfect!

 What an amazing day. 
 Zoey's princess dress!  You can't really tell, but the skirt is all glitter and sparkles
 Grandma;s girl

Wait lemme get this straight... Your letting me have SUGAR???
 HOLY MOLY!  Are all those presents FOR ME?!?


  1. I can't believe she is 1 already. I remember reading your surrogacy journey and your new experience of being parents to a newborn...and now she's 1. What the heck! :) She's a cutie!

  2. Wow!! Time flies!! loved all the pictures.

  3. That is awesome, Have your good times with her,Show her what love is all about. I only have a few weeks beofer I am a daddy

  4. What an awesome party! And uh...Mike, you're disappearing! Looking good, my friend!

    P.S. Just entered my secret word below...ASSUP. I sh** you not. :)

  5. Oh my she is so cute!! Happy birthday!
    Are the babies home yet?
    Happy New Year!

  6. What a doll. Happy Birthday Zoe! Good luck with the move and the TWINS!

  7. Where are you guys?? Hoping everything is ok. xoxo

  8. Hi guys!
    It's been so loong since you wrote anything. Are you ok?

  9. Keep checking back on your blog as well, to see if you have a new post. Where did you go? Was starting to think maybe you started a new blog and I missed reading that. (did you?) Hope all is well. You guys are missed.

    Many Blessings!

  10. i have been following your blog for a really long time.. hope the reason for the absence is because you guys are so busy!

  11. I came to check up on you guys since I've been out of it for a while too, and I see you haven't posted in forrrrever! I hope everything is OK. Please update when you can!!

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. Okay, seriously. PLEASE UPDATE!!! I just read your whole blog in one morning and now I can't stand that you just dropped off the face of the earth. Did your adoption go through? I know it's not always a "sure thing" is HRH?

    Your adoring public NEEDS UPDATES, YO!!!!!!

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